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Windows Find Large Files

Where did my available hardisk space go? Every once in a while my computer runs out of space and i struggle to figure out what is actually taking up space on my hardisk. Then i remember that a very long time ago i created a program which kan crawl all files in the entire computer and locate the space.
Now this program is far from perfekt, but it's free and does the job.

This is the application:

Donwload it from here:
Space Locator Program

And if you would like to modify it, here is the source code (no copyright):
Source Code
Please let me know if you make improvements to the program.

SharePoint 2013/Project Server 2013 - Remove or hide ribbon button

SharePoint/Project Server - Remove or hide ribbon buttonSharePoint and Project Server has a lot of functionality in the ribbon. Sometimes it can be beneficial to hide some of the buttons for the users so they do not get too confused.
The correct way to hide ribbon buttons is to create a SharePoint feature in Visual Studio and create some XML to override the ribbon. However, if you are not that familiar with developing or Visual Studio it can be a prohibitive task to do. If you would like to go with the feature solution here is a link for a nice guide on how to do it:
In this post I will go through how to remove ribbon buttons only through the standard Script Editor webpart and Javascript. However you don’t have to know Javascript to complete the task. The downside of this approach is that your have to add the webpart on all pages where you want to remove the ribbon.
Remove Ribbon Buttons In Project Server on a PDP pa…