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MS Project Cannot Change Start Date (2007/2010/2013/2016)

Jumping Start Dates Start date always jumps back to specific date in MS Project plan when you try to change it.
This is an issue I have not seen before, but to be honest it is a long time since I last touched a project plan.

Whenever I try to change Task 03 to something earlier then the 26th. The date is just resets to 26 without any explanation.

The reason is that there is a binding on the phases. Most likely with a lag of minus some days.

This binding forces the task to not being able to start earlier than the phase start.

Now this is somehow obvious, it becomes more comeplex if the task have an actual start date (if a team member have reported time on the task through Timesheet or MyTasks).
In this scenario the phase appear to start on the 23th. However, it actually starts on the 26th.
Now I cannot move new tasks within the phase before the original start date of the phase (the 26th).

This makes sense, but from the Gant Chart it is not very clear,

Well, if you…

Project Server 2010 -> 2013 migration - Large databases -> Slow Convertto-SPProjectDatabase

The last couple of days i have tried to migrate a Project Server 2010 to Project Server 2013. The Project Server 2010 contained some quite large databases compared to what I normally encounter.
The shrinked database sizes was:
 - Archive:      75 GB
 - Draft:        40 GB
 - Published:    50 GB
 - Reporting:    20 GB
 - Content:       2 GB
As you properly already know the migration process contains the following steps:
Mount-SPContentDatabase –Name ProjectServer_PWA –WebApplication http://projectserver/ -NoB2BSiteUpgrade $wa = get-SPWebApplication http://projectserver $wa.UseClaimsAuthentication = $true $wa.Update() (Get-SPWebApplication http://projectserver).migrateUsers($true) Set-SPSite –Identity http://projectserver/TECHPWA -SecondaryOwnerAlias "CONTOSO\Administrator" Upgrade-SPSite -Identity http://projectserver/TECHPWA -versionupgrade Convertto-SPProjectDatabase -WebApplication http://projectserver -Dbserver projectserver -ArchiveDbname TechPWA_Archive …