onsdag den 28. november 2012

Minimize, Hide or remove the Quick Launch in Project Server 2010 or SharePoint

On a standard Project Server or SharePoint web page there is a quick launch in the left side of the screen. It is not always desirable to view this side bar to the user and sometimes you just want to hide it and let the user restore it when he needs it.

Remove Quick Launch
If you just want to remove the quick launch on a SharePoint web page you can add the following script in a content editor on the webpage (see how to add a content editor in the next section).

<style type="text/css">          

But if you want to let the user be able to view it on command you can do it by adding Javascript to the content editor web part as described below.

Hide Quick Launch
This method only works for Project Server, SharePoint does not have the minimize button on the quick launch unfortunately.

If you go to the front page of Project Server you see that you can hide the quick launch by clicking the arrow button above it.

When the page is initially loaded the quick launch will be expanded. When you click the arrow then the following Javascript is executed: Shell_ExpandCollapseQuickLaunch
What we want to do is to execute the Javascript right after the page has been loaded.

Let’s start by adding a content editor web part to the front page so we have a place to add the code. Go to the front page of the PWA and click Site Settings in the top left corner and Edit Page.

Click Add web part and under Media and Content choose Content Editor. Click Add.

Click inside the web part to activate the ribbon. From the ribbon select HTML and Edit HTML Source.

In the text editor add the following code.

<style type="text/css"></style><script type="text/javascript">

Click OK.

To hide the Content Editor web part select Edit Web Part and set the Title to a blank space and set the Chrome Type to None.

To exit the edit mode click on Page from the ribbon and Stop Editing.

When you go to the front page of the PWA now the Quick Launch will be hidden by default.

torsdag den 15. marts 2012

Create SQL Table from View

Often I need to create a staging table to cache data from a view in, this can be quite timeconsuming because you have to find the datatype of each column in the view.
Today I found a way to do this very easily in MS SQL.

If you have a view "View1" and want to create a table "Table1" all you have to do is to execute the following script:


MS SQL identifies all the rows and generates a table, however it cannot see the datalengths, so if the view is selecting data from a table with a column of datatype nvarchar(255) but it only contains one value with the text "texttext" then the new table will get the datatype nvarchar(8).

All data from the view is also copyied.