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Office 365 login problems - I keep getting asked to log into Office 365. What should I do?

If you are using multiple different Office 365 tenants you have properly seen below login screen way too many times. (sorry for the Danish screenshots) Every day I spend a lot of time finding passwords and login information to different tenants. To overcome this problem and have a very easy way to login to all tenants simultaneously I found a cool feature in Google Chrome today. Profiles is here to save you Create a profile for each tenant and use these profiles when you want access the tenants. 1. Start Google Chrome 2. Go to Settings 3. Scroll down to persons/users and add a profile for each tenant.
(I have a profile for a tenant called 365 and one for a tenant called DevProj) 3. Give the profiles a cool icon like the Ninja or the Flower. 4. Now right-click the default profile and select one of your new profiles. 5. Login, for the last time, to the tenant. (do not forget to check the Remember Me checkbox) Now you are always remembered in this profile. If you want to go to another tenant, just sw…