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PowerApps and Flow released

Microsoft Flow and Microsoft PowerApps have finally been released to the public after beeing in preview for some time now (some might remember PowerApps as Project Siena).

Try it out and discover the easy business value these new services provide:

PowerAppsYou have a new place to discover and run business apps.
Find and run all your business apps from a single place—Dynamics 365. •
Publish apps with PowerApps to make them instantly discoverable in your org’s dedicated AppSource gallery.
Environments provide a space to store, manage, and share.
Create dedicated development, testing, and production environments. •
Use environments to separate apps and data by geography or team. •
Get enterprise-level management and security controls.
The Microsoft Common Data Service offers powerful app-building capabilities.

Model data using a set of standard entities with schemas that support common business themes. •
Manage access …

Custom Field Editor App Released

Want to know which custom fields you are using and which you are not. It can be difficult to s figure out just by looking in PWA-Settings.
Luckily a new app that gives you exactly this overview has just been released. Find Custom Fields Editor in the Office/SharePoint store. 
The app is free for now but that might change in the future. So install it now!
The app gives you a simple overview of your custom fields and how many projects that have used them. If a custom field have never been active on a PDP chances are no project have assigned values to them.
You can also export the table to Excel to keep track of the development in the Microsoft PPM system.

Power BI Reports will be integrated in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

According to the latest preview of SQL Server Reporting Services, it will soon be possible to publish your nice PowerBI reports to reporting services.

Visually explore data and create an interactive report using Power BI DesktopPublish that report to an on-premises report server (SQL Server Reporting Services)Share the report with your coworkers so they can view and interact with it in their web browsersSupport for Tabular and Multidimensional olap cubes

More details: 

PowerBI -> PowerPoint Report

A great new feature became available in PowerBI this week.
Export to PowerPoint.

Go to any PowerBI Report (does not work for Dashboards yet) and click on Export to PowerPoint:

That’s it, now you have a PowerPoint report to show off at the steering committee or to send to the executive management.

PowerBI Analytics – Forecasting your turnover

This is a short update on the new, still in preview, feature that allows you to create forecasts on time phased data. I am personally very exited about this feature as it very easy gives you the possibility to create a “guess” on how your business will look in the coming years  . So, diving in. Take the turnover in your business and activate the forecasting feature. You will get calculated forecast on what your turnover might be in the coming years and a high/low estimation of what will happen. So how do you activate it? First we need to activate the preview feature (note that this feature is still not available in
Then you need a dataset with at least a date column and a value column.
Now, create a new line chart and add the two columns (dates and values).
Go to the new Analytics tab and add a new forecast. Set the forecast to the desired number of forecast points (20 in my case) and see he chart being updated. That’s it, now you can create simple forecasts. The method PowerBI u…