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Stay updated with the "Project Blog News" app

Today Projectum have released a new app that summarized information from all the best Project Server and Project client blogs out there (including this blog).
This is very useful if you want to keep your users updated with the latest news in project world. The app can be downloaded from the SharePoint store and it can be added to both SharePoint and Project Server installations (online and onPremise). Just search for "Project Blog News".
The app is simple to use. After you install it place the app part "Project Blog News" on any page you like.
Here it is added to the PWA front page.

The app is currently having a price tag of 1.99 USD.

ProjectPublish - ReportingProjectChangeMessageFailed - FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_MSP_EpmTaskBaseline_ProjectUID_TaskUID"

I often recieve this error message at our customers, 9 out of 10 times it is because the Project Server Reporting database is out of sync with publish database.
The solution is to rebuild the database. See below.

Error message from queue:
• Reporting message processor failed: o ReportingProjectChangeMessageFailed (24006) - The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_MSP_EpmTaskBaseline_ProjectUID_TaskUID". The conflict occurred in database "ProjectServer_Reporting", table "dbo.MSP_EpmTask". The statement has been terminated.. Detaljer: id='24006' name='ReportingProjectChangeMessageFailed' uid='05540895-3c37-41ca-a02b-8572d0d3ab68' QueueMessageBody='Project UID='f12dced7-1d84-47e0-86ee-4049dbd9b1cd'. PublishType='ProjectPublish'' Error='The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_MSP_EpmTaskBaseline_ProjectUID_TaskUID". The …

ProjectCheckinNotifyWorkflowMessage - Project Server

While developing a new program in Project Server CSOM today I got a strange error message in the queue:

GeneralQueueJobFailed (26000) - WorkflowCheckinNotify.ProjectCheckinNotifyWorkflowMessage. Details: id='26000' name='GeneralQueueJobFailed' uid='c71ab4e8-161e-e411-94b6-00155d006e04' JobUID='c41ab4e8-161e-e411-94b6-00155d006e04' ComputerName='20cd9b2e-c115-41ab-b138-70be4280f816' GroupType='WorkflowCheckinNotify' MessageType='ProjectCheckinNotifyWorkflowMessage' MessageId='1' Stage='' CorrelationUID='4620ac9c-98d6-207f-0f81-68c3227e07e2'. For more details, check the ULS logs on machine 20cd9b2e-c115-41ab-b138-70be4280f816 for entries with JobUID c41ab4e8-161e-e411-94b6-00155d006e04. 
The program was trying to insert a new task in a project. Inserting the task manually through the PWA also causes the error. There is no workflow on my EPT which makes the error message much mo…

Order Enterprice Project Types (EPT) in Project Server 2013

In Project Server 2013 I experienced a strange problem today. When trying to order the Enterprise Project Types (EPT) by choosing a new value in the "Choose the type before which the current type should be positioned" dropdown nothing happened in Project Center. The EPT's were just visible in the order they were created in.

This is an error in the current version of Project Server 2013 (SP1, CU1). I could not find any workaround except to delete all the EPT's and create them in the correct order, this would just have been alot of work as we have more than 10 EPT's.
I have never experienced this problem in Project Server 2010, so it must have been introduced in the new version.

To solve the issue i found tracked down the stored procedure which loads the EPT's. By adding a order statement to this stored procedure the list got sorted correctly.
This solution is not supported by Microsoft and might be overwritten in a future hotfix/CU/SP of Project Server.

To ins…